The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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Twilight: New Moon Poster

So I decided… I’m not going to stick with just music. I feel like writing about movies too…

So now, I present you with…MEGA NERD TIME! I am super excited for the November 20th release of “New Moon”. Like…ridiculously excited. I don’t know if it’s just because I like the commercials with a half naked Taylor Lautner or what, but, I can’t wait.

Now, I’m not the kind of Twilight fanatic that will go to Hot Topic and buy the Alice Cullen dress. Nor will I be screaming everytime Edward (Robert Pattinson) takes off his shirt to reveal his glorious body…same with Jacob (Lautner)…though I will be thoroughly admiring both sites. I am also not the Twilight fan that picks Team Edward or Team Jacob…though, thank goodness, Jacob isn’t as annoying in the movie franchise as he is in the book. I appreciate both good looking actors.

Okay, aside from the eye-candy, I am excited about this movie because of the new director. No offense Catherine Hardwicke, but you’re a scatterbrain, and “Twilight” proved it. The first movie could of been light years better than it turned out.

Not that I didn’t like it though. Saw it in the theatre twice, (though that’s no where near as many times as some girls had seen it) and watched it on DVD 6 times. I even went to the “Twilight Party” at a Hot Topic 30 minutes away at 11 pm. the night of the DVD release.

Back on topic… I think this new director…whatever his name is…based on the previews, did an exceptionally better job than Hardwicke…(again…sorry!) I’m also excited about:the no wigs thing, the stupid running being fixed for the most part, less make-up, and Dakota Fanning. She’s a good actress and fits the part of Jane surprisingly well.

In conclusion, I’m excited. More excited than my 11 year old cousin…kinda sad since I’m 19 but hey, don’t hate…appreciate.

Oh yeah and 7 days!



My Top Albums of 2009…(so far)

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Note: These are listed in no particular order. Oh and there are a lot of run on sentences…sorry.

Snow Patrol- "A Hundred Million Suns"

Paramore- “Brand New Eyes”: best album by Paramore yet. Hands down.

Various Artists- “Jennifer’s Body” Soundtrack: messed up movie, amazing music compilation.

All Time Low- “Nothing Personal”: Though I didn’t like it as much as “So Wrong, It’s Right”, songs like “Too Much” and “Therapy” caught my attention immediately. I fell even more in love with this band after this release.

Black Eyed Peas- “The E.N.D.”: After “Monkey Business”, I seriously thought that Black Eyed Peas were done for. They certainly proved me wrong. I love this album. More than “Elephunk”? I’m not sure, but “The E.N.D.” does indeed rival it.

Cobra Starship- “Hot Mess”: People that know me would obviously know that I HAVE to include Cobra Starship, given that they are in my top 2 for favorite bands. I love every song on this album except “Good Girls Go Bad”. I used to like that song…but now that it’s the only song they identify CS with…I’m over it. THEY HAVE MORE THAN ONE SONG PEOPLE! My favorite song on this album is definitely “Hot Mess”.  I love the bongos, the way Gabe sings. This album is a good one for summer, winter, spring…anytime. However, since I’m a mega fan, everything I will say will be positive…So don’t take my word for it, try it yourself =]

Jay-Z- “The Blueprint 3”: Let me just state this…I’m not a rap fan. I can handle it. I can make fun of it. But this CD… rap perfection. Jay-Z is back and better than ever. With guest spots of Alicia Keys, up and coming rap star Drake, and the all around loved Kanye West (so he’s not loved, but you have to admit he’s a talented artist), and more, it’s no surprise that this album is as popular and successful as it is. I recommend 100%.

Snow Patrol- “A Hundred Million Suns”: First off, I always get the title messed up. I keep mixing it up with Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. Anyway… this album, sigh, makes me melt. Snow Patrol is the other band in my top 2 favorites. I love love love Gary’s voice, lyrics…face…everything. Many may argue this CD isn’t as good as “Final Straw”. I disagree with them. It belongs in a top spot. Not to mention, this album is even better live. I saw them when they were at the Egyptian Room in September…the experience is almost indescribable. Amazing.

and though I haven’t heard it yet…I assume the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack will be delightful. Then again I love the compilations they put together.

Anyway…that’s the gist of my fave albums so far. Most likely, I left out stuff I like, but a lot of stuff I thought came out this year…came out last year.

Okay I’m done…finally




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La Roux


So I don’t know if I’m behind the times, but I just recently heard of the whole La Roux dance music thing. The first song I heard was the single “Bulletproof”.

Like I say in about…oh all of my blogs so far, I LOVE the beat of this song. It’s super dancey, probably why it’s in the dance section on iTunes. I’ve heard this playing randomly at the mall, but I never really thought anything of it. Until tonight. I was actually looking for another song and I found this and immediately loved it.

Like I said before, I love the beat. The heavy synthesizer lines, and the very electronic drum back beat. I love how even when she’s yelling it sounds like she’s singing anyway. The chorus is catchy and kind of uplifting just with the music and how she’s singing.

Pretty much every aspect of this song, I love. Notice how much I say love, I think it’s a good one.

It’s going to get stuck in your head, but unlike the song “3” by Britney Spears, it won’t get annoying.



iTunes Top Ten

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I’m kinda bored so I thought I’d just do a quick overview of the iTunes top 10 and how I feel about them:


1. Owl City- “Fireflies”: Good song. I like the lyrics and the way he sings. I think that it’s way overplayed on the radio though.

2. Iyaz- “Replay”: I don’t even like this kind of music. But it’s super infectious. The lyrics pretty much describe the song itself: it will play on replay in your head.

3. Ke$ha- “TiK ToK”: Good beat. Lame song. Nice try Lady Gaga Jr.

4. Jay-Z- “Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)”: I’m not even into the whole rap scene thing, but I love this song. I love the chorus, the lyrics, the beat, everything. Good song.

5. Miley Cyrus- “Party in the USA”: So what if Miley stinks at singing, and the lyrics make no sense for a 16 year old… you still love it. You know you know the words.

6. Britney Spears- “3”: This song just makes me laugh. Plus it makes Kristen mad, which makes me laugh more. I like the spoof videos on YouTube too. WARNING: It’s gonna get stuck in your head whether you like it or not.

7.  Lady Gaga- “Bad Romance”: I thought I would like it…I don’t. It’s too robotic, which I usually like, but this is just too much. It’s also waaaaaay too repetitive. I kept waiting for something different to happen, and I was extremely let down. Why Lady Gaga? I thought you were cool…

8. Jason Derulo- “Whatcha Say”: I’m upset with Imogen Heap for letting him sample “Hide and Seek” . I think this song is cheesy and dumb honestly. Seriously, make it stop.

9. Jay Sean- “Down (feat. Lil’ Wayne): I like the fast pace beat. However, this song is pretty unoriginal. And everyone knows that when Lil’ Wayne is featured on a song, it’s a hit. The guy has a pretty good voice, but it’s really nothing special other than it’s catchy.

10.Rihanna- “Russian Roulette”: I have a previous post on this if you want to read it. Summary: I like it.

That took a while.



Misguided Ghosts

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Paramore Brand New Eyes

Paramore’s latest effort Brand New Eyes is obviously the best album released from the group. Some can argue and say that they think Riot and All We Know Is Falling are better, but no one can argue the evidence of raw talent that Haley and the gang put into this album.

The song that catches my attention the most is “Misguided Ghosts”. The song is beautiful and simple being that is only an acoustic guitar and Haley Williams’ beautiful voice. The guitar has a consistent rhythm with a harmonized tone on top during the bridge to the chorus. And Haley sings in a voice that is fitting to the song: eerie, soft, and ghost like.

The lyrics sound extremely heartfelt and I personally get goosebumps every time I listen to this song.

This is obviously not the only spectacular song on the album. I recommend the entire album Brand New Eyes, and definitely suggest you put a little effort when listening to “Misguided Ghosts”.

One of my favorite albums of 2009 hands down.



Russian Roulette

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Though Rihanna’s latest album, Rated-R, won’t be released until November 23, her newest single “Russian Roulette” is already sending shockwaves into the music world.

"Russian Roulette"-Rihanna

With an obvious pull from the slow R&B ,this single speaks for itself. On top of that typical R&B beat, she adds a little bit of a difference with the haunting reverb present. There is raw emotion and power behind this song, making it feel more real than her previous

releases. Like her previous single “Unfaithful”, we see a more dark and emotional side to Rihanna. I don’t personally think she’s the most talented vocalist out there, however, with this effort she could definitely change my mind.

Though it has the typical Rihanna formula: higher notes, and powerful lyrics; something about this song screams” listen to me, I’m different”. And with the ending  being a gun shot, makes the song a bit more strong.

I recommend it if you’re feeling kind of sad, however, I have a feeling it’s going to get really old…really fast.

here’s a youtube link if you want to take a listen:

See ya,



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Party Rock


So I’m not going to lie, when I first heard of L.M.F.A.O., I thought they were a joke.

Now, I still think they’re a joke. However, they actually kind of impressed me with their debut “Party Rock”

One song in particular that I can’t get out of my head is “Shots”. Granted, my dorm neighbors play this song every Friday and Saturday night, so it’s a bit more difficult to escape. But it has a nice beat. And who doesn’t love listening to Lil’ Jon yell random stuff about drinking?

The lyrics are obviously a little tacky, and with one of the most repetitive choruses of pretty much ever, it’s kind of easy to see why this song is so infectious. The beat isn’t even that intricate though. A little voice yelling “hey”, synthesized claps, and typical fast paced, electronic drum beat.  However,at about 2:20 in the song they do switch up the beat a bit by breaking down the shots part.

Overall the song is compromised of lots strange “la la”‘s, tons of yelling,  and obviously the appearance of the word “shots”.

Who woulda thought an electronic/rap song would be ultimate party music? I guess it is kind of predictable, singing about getting drunk with all the ladies, but what music these days isn’t about that?

If you just want some party music, I recommend it. However, it’s pretty easy to get tired of this song, so listen sparingly.

Hasta Luego,