I have a new favorite show. And it is called ‘Dexter’; and no, not Dexter’s Lab. (I’ve had WAY too


many people ask me if that’s what I’m watching.

Anyway, Dexter is a show on SHOWTIME, a channel I don’t get at home or here in the dorm. Hence the reason why I didn’t start watching it until I realized they have it on DVD in the little movie place in my dorm. I started it over the weekend and finished season 1 tonight.

Holy crap. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Dexter is a serial killer. but the twist is…he only kills bad people. He works for the Miami police department as a blood specialist alongside his sister Deb, who is a police officer. Apparently each season follows on serial killer and the season finales reveal the killer of the season.

Of course, I do realize I am quite behind, as ‘Dexter’ is in it’s 4th season currently.

You’re going to love some characters, and hate some characters. Overall, the writing is pretty good plus, in my opinion Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is pretty darn good looking.

If you like intense,thriller based, bloody gory shows, ‘Dexter’ is for you. I’m starting season 2 tonight. Can’t wait.

Watch this show. Seriously. You’ll love it.



~ by mdaniellew on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “Dexter”

  1. I have Showtime but have never watched this show…I am going to have o check it out now.

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