Drag Me to Hell

So I finally saw “Drag Me to Hell” this weekend…only took me a bagillion years.

Drag Me to Hell

Like a month before it came out, I remember planning to see it in theaters. Never did.

Anyway.I went into it completely unaware of anything other than: girl works at bank. girl denies old gypsy loan. old gypsy puts curse on girl.

That movie…WAY more messed up than I would’ve imagined. The old lady coughed up…stuff. Had brown nails, brown teeth. She’s gross.

Creepy stuff

happens. Weird Shadow. Screaming. Floating. Killing. Sacrificing…

Overall, I loved the movie. Parts were kinda scary, some parts made me gag. Really my only complaint was the end. I hated it. So much…

I know this is vague. But only because I think you should watch it. Even if you hate scary movies…well i didn’t think it was THAT scary. I’ve seen scarier. but yeah. so watch it. please.

Sorry if you think this is pointless…but I’m obsessed with telling people about this movie.



~ by mdaniellew on November 16, 2009.

One Response to “Drag Me to Hell”

  1. I haven’t heard of it, but now I want to see it lol…and I still really want to see The Fourth Kind.

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