My Top Albums of 2009…(so far)

Note: These are listed in no particular order. Oh and there are a lot of run on sentences…sorry.

Snow Patrol- "A Hundred Million Suns"

Paramore- “Brand New Eyes”: best album by Paramore yet. Hands down.

Various Artists- “Jennifer’s Body” Soundtrack: messed up movie, amazing music compilation.

All Time Low- “Nothing Personal”: Though I didn’t like it as much as “So Wrong, It’s Right”, songs like “Too Much” and “Therapy” caught my attention immediately. I fell even more in love with this band after this release.

Black Eyed Peas- “The E.N.D.”: After “Monkey Business”, I seriously thought that Black Eyed Peas were done for. They certainly proved me wrong. I love this album. More than “Elephunk”? I’m not sure, but “The E.N.D.” does indeed rival it.

Cobra Starship- “Hot Mess”: People that know me would obviously know that I HAVE to include Cobra Starship, given that they are in my top 2 for favorite bands. I love every song on this album except “Good Girls Go Bad”. I used to like that song…but now that it’s the only song they identify CS with…I’m over it. THEY HAVE MORE THAN ONE SONG PEOPLE! My favorite song on this album is definitely “Hot Mess”.  I love the bongos, the way Gabe sings. This album is a good one for summer, winter, spring…anytime. However, since I’m a mega fan, everything I will say will be positive…So don’t take my word for it, try it yourself =]

Jay-Z- “The Blueprint 3”: Let me just state this…I’m not a rap fan. I can handle it. I can make fun of it. But this CD… rap perfection. Jay-Z is back and better than ever. With guest spots of Alicia Keys, up and coming rap star Drake, and the all around loved Kanye West (so he’s not loved, but you have to admit he’s a talented artist), and more, it’s no surprise that this album is as popular and successful as it is. I recommend 100%.

Snow Patrol- “A Hundred Million Suns”: First off, I always get the title messed up. I keep mixing it up with Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. Anyway… this album, sigh, makes me melt. Snow Patrol is the other band in my top 2 favorites. I love love love Gary’s voice, lyrics…face…everything. Many may argue this CD isn’t as good as “Final Straw”. I disagree with them. It belongs in a top spot. Not to mention, this album is even better live. I saw them when they were at the Egyptian Room in September…the experience is almost indescribable. Amazing.

and though I haven’t heard it yet…I assume the “Twilight Saga: New Moon” soundtrack will be delightful. Then again I love the compilations they put together.

Anyway…that’s the gist of my fave albums so far. Most likely, I left out stuff I like, but a lot of stuff I thought came out this year…came out last year.

Okay I’m done…finally




~ by mdaniellew on November 13, 2009.

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