La Roux


So I don’t know if I’m behind the times, but I just recently heard of the whole La Roux dance music thing. The first song I heard was the single “Bulletproof”.

Like I say in about…oh all of my blogs so far, I LOVE the beat of this song. It’s super dancey, probably why it’s in the dance section on iTunes. I’ve heard this playing randomly at the mall, but I never really thought anything of it. Until tonight. I was actually looking for another song and I found this and immediately loved it.

Like I said before, I love the beat. The heavy synthesizer lines, and the very electronic drum back beat. I love how even when she’s yelling it sounds like she’s singing anyway. The chorus is catchy and kind of uplifting just with the music and how she’s singing.

Pretty much every aspect of this song, I love. Notice how much I say love, I think it’s a good one.

It’s going to get stuck in your head, but unlike the song “3” by Britney Spears, it won’t get annoying.




~ by mdaniellew on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “Bulletproof”

  1. This is very intelligent and enlightening.

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