Party Rock


So I’m not going to lie, when I first heard of L.M.F.A.O., I thought they were a joke.

Now, I still think they’re a joke. However, they actually kind of impressed me with their debut “Party Rock”

One song in particular that I can’t get out of my head is “Shots”. Granted, my dorm neighbors play this song every Friday and Saturday night, so it’s a bit more difficult to escape. But it has a nice beat. And who doesn’t love listening to Lil’ Jon yell random stuff about drinking?

The lyrics are obviously a little tacky, and with one of the most repetitive choruses of pretty much ever, it’s kind of easy to see why this song is so infectious. The beat isn’t even that intricate though. A little voice yelling “hey”, synthesized claps, and typical fast paced, electronic drum beat.  However,at about 2:20 in the song they do switch up the beat a bit by breaking down the shots part.

Overall the song is compromised of lots strange “la la”‘s, tons of yelling,  and obviously the appearance of the word “shots”.

Who woulda thought an electronic/rap song would be ultimate party music? I guess it is kind of predictable, singing about getting drunk with all the ladies, but what music these days isn’t about that?

If you just want some party music, I recommend it. However, it’s pretty easy to get tired of this song, so listen sparingly.

Hasta Luego,




~ by mdaniellew on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Shots”

  1. I sing this song all the time

  2. its so catchy

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