Russian Roulette


Though Rihanna’s latest album, Rated-R, won’t be released until November 23, her newest single “Russian Roulette” is already sending shockwaves into the music world.

"Russian Roulette"-Rihanna

With an obvious pull from the slow R&B ,this single speaks for itself. On top of that typical R&B beat, she adds a little bit of a difference with the haunting reverb present. There is raw emotion and power behind this song, making it feel more real than her previous

releases. Like her previous single “Unfaithful”, we see a more dark and emotional side to Rihanna. I don’t personally think she’s the most talented vocalist out there, however, with this effort she could definitely change my mind.

Though it has the typical Rihanna formula: higher notes, and powerful lyrics; something about this song screams” listen to me, I’m different”. And with the ending  being a gun shot, makes the song a bit more strong.

I recommend it if you’re feeling kind of sad, however, I have a feeling it’s going to get really old…really fast.

here’s a youtube link if you want to take a listen:

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~ by mdaniellew on November 9, 2009.

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