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I just wanted to thank all the people who read my blog. I know I bugged the bejesus out of a lot of you. Especially those that left comments (Elyse, Aaron, Nic, Kristen, Mom). And thanks to those who read it whenever I asked (Zack and Zach)and whoever else I forgot to mention.I also wanted to thank those who I don’t know who read it. I appreciate it a ton.

Hopefully people like my stuff. If not…sucks to be me huh?

Anyway thanks again!



My Top Albums…Ever

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Okay. So I’m sure this will get criticism buuuuut oh well. It’s what I like. And I would LOVE to share the love =] I picked these based on: How they made me feel when I listened to them, how much I listened to them, and how I never got tired of them as much as i listened to them. It’s cool if you don’t agree. I based these on how I personally feel about them. It’s okay to have differing opinions.

And in no particular order, I present you with my favorite albums everrr…I think ha

  • Snow Patrol- Eyes Open
  • Snow Patrol- Final Straw
  • Snow Patrol- A Hundred Million Suns

-Listen to All Three Albums…ALL the way through…repeat =]

  • The Academy Is…- Santi

-Listen to: “Unexpected Places”

  • All Time Low- So Wrong, It’s Right
  • Black Eyed Peas- Elephunk
  • Bleeding Through- Declaration
  • Bon Iver- For Emma, From Forever Ago

-Listen to: “Skinny Love”

  • The Bravery- The Bravery
  • Chiodos- Bone Palace Ballet
  • Cobra Starship- Viva la Cobra!
  • Coldplay- Rush of Blood to the Head

-Listen to: “Green Eyes” or ” The Scientist”

  • Coldplay- Viva La Vida
  • Fall Out Boy-Infinity on High

-Listen to: “Golden”

  • Fall Out Boy- Folie À Deux
  • Fall Out Boy- Take This To Your Grave
  • Film School- Film School
  • Forever the Sickest Kids- Underdog Alma Mater
  • Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand

-Listen to: “40′ ”

  • The Fray- How to Save a Life
  • The Killers- Hot Fuss
  • Kings of Leon- Only By The Night
  • Linkin Park-Meteora
  • The Maine- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
  • Maroon 5- Songs About Jane
  • Mayday Parade- A Lesson In Romantics
  • Mayday Parade- Tales Told By Dead Friends- EP

-Listen to: “Three Cheers for Five Years”

  • Muse- Absolution
  • Muse- Black Holes & Revelations

-Listen to: “Starlight”

  • My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
  • My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade
  • Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth
  • Panic! At the Disco- A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

-Listen to: “There’s a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of it Yet”

  • Panic! at the Disco- Pretty.Odd.

-Listen to: “Mad as Rabbits”

  • Paramore- Brand New Eyes

-Listen to: “Brick by Boring Brick”

  • Paramore- Riot!
  • Paramore- All We Know Is Falling
  • Radiohead- OK Computer
  • Radiohead- In Rainbows

-Listen to: “Reckoner”

  • Spill Canvas- No Really, I’m Fine

-Listen to: “Appreciation and the Bomb”

  • Sugarcult- Palm Trees and Power Lines
  • U2- How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
  • U2- The Joshua Tree
  • Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue

-Listen to: “Empty Apartments”

This is a rough draft of the albums I love. Listened to about 95% on repeat for a couple of months at least one point in time. I know a lot of them are more recent. But I haven’t completely submerged myself into the past, and the music I personally listened to back in the day…not very good anymore. Except BSB…I still stand behind them being the Best Boy Band ever. Ha

Leave comments! What are some of your favorite albums ever? Share the goods. Don’t keep them to yourself!



Anywhere But Here

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Mayday Parade’s latest album was release on October 5th of this year. However, I didn’t listen to ‘Anywhere But Here’ until tonight. Sure I’ve listened to their single “The Silence” on repeat, but I never got around to listening to the entire album.

I liked it. But didn’t love it. I felt like ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ had more substance. But what I can say about ‘Anywhere But Here’ is that it is VERY cohesive, which I admire greatly. It’s often hard to find albums that have songs that blend so well. And it’s not even bad blending, where every song sounds the same. It’s the kind of blending that makes you feel like you’re listening to a really long song with lots of nice lyrics.

My biggest complaint is the lack of duet like singing. In ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ and even in the ‘Tales Told By Dead Friends-EP’ there are the shared lyrics and dual vocals. Just because they lost a key member (Lancaster) does NOT mean they couldn’t…I around it. I’m just disappointed in that aspect being nonexistent.

All in all. The album isn’t bad. It’s okay. It might grow on me after a few listens.

“The Silence” though…great song. I love it a lot. So I definitely recommend that song.

And if you aren’t familiar with Mayday Parade, you may find this album spectacular. I dunno though. I had high hopes based on their previous releases. Judge for yourself =]



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I have a new favorite show. And it is called ‘Dexter’; and no, not Dexter’s Lab. (I’ve had WAY too


many people ask me if that’s what I’m watching.

Anyway, Dexter is a show on SHOWTIME, a channel I don’t get at home or here in the dorm. Hence the reason why I didn’t start watching it until I realized they have it on DVD in the little movie place in my dorm. I started it over the weekend and finished season 1 tonight.

Holy crap. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Dexter is a serial killer. but the twist is…he only kills bad people. He works for the Miami police department as a blood specialist alongside his sister Deb, who is a police officer. Apparently each season follows on serial killer and the season finales reveal the killer of the season.

Of course, I do realize I am quite behind, as ‘Dexter’ is in it’s 4th season currently.

You’re going to love some characters, and hate some characters. Overall, the writing is pretty good plus, in my opinion Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is pretty darn good looking.

If you like intense,thriller based, bloody gory shows, ‘Dexter’ is for you. I’m starting season 2 tonight. Can’t wait.

Watch this show. Seriously. You’ll love it.


Body Language

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Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney is at it again. This time he brought along good ol’ T-Pain on his new “hit”: “Body Language”.

Now, no offense, but I redact my statement of “Everything T-Pain touches is gold”. I don’t like the song. At all. The beat is played out. The lyrics are cheesier than cheesy: “Parlez vous

francais?/Konichiwa Come and move in my way/Hey, little chica from Guadeloupe/That thing you got behind you is amazing”

… really?

I don’t even get it. It seems these days, the crappier the lyrics, the bigger the hit. *cough*Justin Beiber*cough*.

Now I like Jesse McCartney. He’s got a nice voice, plus he’s good looking. But all that goes through

my mind when I hear this song is FAIL.

But it’s okay if I don’t like it. It truly doesn’t even matter. It’s 2009 and crappy music is here to stay whether I like it or not.

I don’t recommend this song. Too cheesy, too lame, trying waaayy too hard. But that’s my opinion.



Santa Slam 2009

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December 19th,2009 will be an epic night. In Indianapolis at least. And for me at least.

Cobra Starship

Radio Now 100.9’s annual Santa Slam concert will be held at the Murat Theatre in the always

awesome Egyptian Room.

“Why are you excited?” you ask?

Two Words, 4 syllables: Cobra Starship

As many may know, or should know, I worship the ground Cobra Starship walks on. I’ve done 2 extensive art projects with them as my subject. I own all their CDs. I even bought other CDs just because their song was on it. I love love love them. And they must like Indiana, because this will be the 3rd time that I will get to see them.

Another part of the show I’m excited about is 3OH!3. First time I’ll ever be seeing them live which is pretty exciting. I always love seeing rising bands in concert. When they’re big, they’re not as fun. However, from live videos I’ve seen, 3OH!3 is far from sounding like their album.

Finally, up and coming artist Iyaz will be performing. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s the singer who brought you the overly infectious tune “Replay”. Uhm, honestly, I’m a bit indifferent on

this guy. He has one song that I know of that really isn’t all THAT strong musically. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but I am not really expecting too much more from him.

Overall, I’d say this is a concert you shouldn’t miss. Get tickets early though. They’re already like $33 including fees, and the day of the show they go up $5.

I’m stoked. Seriously.



PS. I’m not even 100% if I’m going I just realized…that will suck if I don’t. But yeah…

Drag Me to Hell

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So I finally saw “Drag Me to Hell” this weekend…only took me a bagillion years.

Drag Me to Hell

Like a month before it came out, I remember planning to see it in theaters. Never did.

Anyway.I went into it completely unaware of anything other than: girl works at bank. girl denies old gypsy loan. old gypsy puts curse on girl.

That movie…WAY more messed up than I would’ve imagined. The old lady coughed up…stuff. Had brown nails, brown teeth. She’s gross.

Creepy stuff

happens. Weird Shadow. Screaming. Floating. Killing. Sacrificing…

Overall, I loved the movie. Parts were kinda scary, some parts made me gag. Really my only complaint was the end. I hated it. So much…

I know this is vague. But only because I think you should watch it. Even if you hate scary movies…well i didn’t think it was THAT scary. I’ve seen scarier. but yeah. so watch it. please.

Sorry if you think this is pointless…but I’m obsessed with telling people about this movie.